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Recht-oprecht, legal consultancy firm

For expats who are looking for a full-service solution

When you come to the Netherlands as an expat, there is much you need to deal with in terms of laws and regulations. First, this will mainly concern labour law, on account of your new job at your employer in the Netherlands. You will be asked to sign a contract full of articles, rights and obligations. But what are you signing for? Is everything correct from a legal point of view? Have the tax rules been properly applied?

If, as an expat, you intend to conclude an employment contract with a Dutch or internationally oriented employer in the Netherlands, it is recommended that you have a preliminary legal review of this contract carried out. It is easier to adjust matters during the preventive negotiation phase instead of after you have already signed. Recht-oprecht can give you advice on Dutch labour law and your future terms of employment, and can assess any risks for you.

labor law

contract law

My name is Mike Krak and I am a legal consultant and the founder of Recht-oprecht, a legal consultancy firm in Eindhoven. My goal is to be the legal brainstorming partner for critical expats.

Recht-oprecht specialises in labour law and contract law

Before you agree to anything, it is important that you have your employment contract checked against Dutch law and labour law. It is also important to know your rights and obligations in the Netherlands during negotiations on your (new) employment contract, so you know what you are negotiating on and can take a well-considered decision.

Our motto is “Better safe than sorry”

No-nonsense mentality

Our services are characterised by our no-nonsense mentality, which is typical of Brabant. We work fast, efficiently and are also available outside office hours.

Full-service legal solution

Moving to another country, working in another country and settling there can be very overwhelming. Please allow us to provide you with a full-service legal solution, so you can start your new adventure carefree.

First no-obligation meeting

Recht-oprecht always takes the time to discuss your legal position during a first no-obligation meeting. After that, we can discuss the steps to be taken.

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